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The Benefits of WHOIS Lookup for Online Business Owners

The Benefits of WHOIS Lookup for Online Business Owners

Today business entrepreneurs are very busy in promoting and commencing a new business, building websites, and marketing. Therefore, they take WHOIS data and its business websites for granted. WHOIS basically means who is. It is an internet service, which is used for finding information on the internet. It is not an acronym.

WHOIS is a short and simple way of asking who the owner of this domain name is. Domain names are registered through companies by registrars. Few examples of domain names are GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Tucows. WHOIS system is important for operating the domain name service. WHOIS is considered as a starting point of many legal proceedings. It guarantees an integral and stable system.

How to use WHOIS data?

You can easily get information about the domain name you are looking for by using the WHOIS lookup tool. You can get important data of a domain in a proper manner, including creation, ownership, expiration, and availability.

If you are an owner of multiple domains, then it can help you in downloading exportable lists. WHOIS lookup is a guide that prioritizes and values domain names. It can also help you navigate to best utilize the information that you have downloaded.

Accuracy of WHOIS data

As registrant’s contact information can vary, registrars should provide opportunities to domain owners on an annual basis to edit and review their domain information. As per ICANN rules, domains can get canceled if the information is not updated or wrong information is provided.

Plus, Internet users can file complaints on ICANN if they find any incorrect or incomplete information provided by the WHOIS lookup. Registrars are required to correct and verify the information on a regular basis. The highest level of accuracy can be maintained by using this verification protocol.

Maintaining unique domain name

Nowadays, WHOIS is aiming at enforcing the uniqueness of websites. Duplicities in a brand name can tarnish your company’s brand image. Even a simple blog having the exact same domain name can cause damage to the reputation of a business.

Domain name and its registration issues                                                                               

Domain name registration is a very simple task but there are cases where certain things should be taken care of. With the help of WHOIS, queries can be asked as it can help in solving issues related to the registration ownership. For example, the date of creation, expiry date, and the identity of the registrar.

Administration issues

Database of WHOIS includes the technical and administrative contacts of websites because there are situations where the network of administrators needs to get an alert in order to solve certain issues. For example, DNS and routing protocols and other network attacks. It is also used for contacting web administrators for resolving technical matters related to websites.

Security issues

Online security is becoming more and more important every day. There is always a threat of cyber attacks on the government and business organizations. WHOIS helps law enforcement agents and security professionals in locating contact points for the domain name. The WHOIS application can create potential criminal entities in response to a network attack.

Additionally, WHOIS can be used for gathering leads to identify the people from whom important testimonials can be obtained. Agents can easily find locations and email ID fraudsters who are responsible for a cyber crime. Law enforcement agents should use the WHOIS database for collecting information on the domain name advertised in the spam. These practices vary from nation to nation.

Business networking issues

We all know that networking is the essence of digital marketing. It is not difficult for business managers to use WHOIS for searching contact information and location of various business merchants. It is important for individuals, associate companies, and organizations having a specific domain name or parties with publically accessible services as it helps them for commercial purposes.

You may also want to contact the website or domain name registrant for:

  • Negotiating and discussing transactions in relation to the sale of registered domain names.
  • Reminding them about the matters related to intellectual property rights.
  • Reminding them about their obligations for maintaining accurate information of registration.

Resolves ownership issues

The WHOIS lookup reminds you ofits expiry date. It helps those people who have domain backorders. For instance, you want to use a specific domain name but presently the ownership belongs to someone else. In such a case, you should check whether it will expire soon by using the WHOIS lookup. If it expires, then you will be allowed to purchase a domain.

Illegal activity issues

WHOIS has a feature with which it can track illegal activities. It has the ability to track spam, fraud, and phishing. Its verification feature can track down all kinds of illegal contents. This is of vital importance to you as contents are posted on your behalf, accidentally or through hacking.

Some other benefits of WHOIS data

  • You can get more than 3 billion WHOIS records.
  • You can get key data points that include organization, e-mail address, the registrants’ name, date of creation, domain age, date of expiration, email address, registration address, and many more.
  • You can download raw WHOIS as well as phrased data as comma separated value files and database dumps.
  • All the details in the WHOIS data are normalized and well-phrased in a uniform format for easy integration of your business projects.
  • The new version of the WHOIS data enables you to get around 300 million active domain names with the WHOIS records. The WHOIS records have a growth rate of 1,000 websites per day.
  • Allows you to get the WHOIS records for both ccTLSs and gTLDs.

It has become very important to take control of your domain name. The WHOIS tool should remain in the background when you are trying to build up your online presence.

So, a domain name has enormous benefits. It solves many issues such as domain name issues, registration issues, business networking issues, issues related to illegal activities, security issues, administration issues, and ownership issues. These benefits of the WHOIS lookup can provide you with a better integral system.