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The 10 Right Places and Ways to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

The 10 Domain Name And Hosting Services To Consider For Your Website

If you are looking to buy a domain name, you are bound to be overwhelmed by the numerous options, features and reviews. All services are identical irrespective of the differing prices, less than desirable customer services and performance.

Nevertheless a domain name is necessary to ensure your website is visible among the sea of websites online.  So, here are a few tips before we review the right domain registrars and web hosting services:

Tips to choose the right domain name and hosting service

To make your search easier, we have listed a few important points to look for in a domain registrar:

Domain transfers: Although you may not need to transfer your domain name to another registrar, it is best to check details regarding transfer like how long after registration you can do the shift and if they allow it or charge for it.

Pricing: This is a very significant factor as most registrars offer different pricing choices based on the term of registration. Most often the registration period is ten, five, three or one year. If you are just beginning, it is best to register for one year and use automatic renewal, so you do not forget the renewal and let the domain expire.  Ensure there are no additional charges related to renewal cost, domain transfer etc.

Additional services: Most registrars provide other web services than just domain name registration such as build your website, buy certificates and more. If you want a registrar that offers comprehensive services you have to look at the cost of package.

Customer service: Customer support is very important as when some fault occurs in the site you should be able to rectify it immediately with their help. So a responsive and efficient customer support is very important. Read the review of current customers or send in a query to know how fast their response is.

Alert about expiry: Whether you are on a short term or long term expiry, the registrar should notify you of the impending expiry so you take the necessary action to redeem the situation.  If not you will put all you have worked for in jeopardy.

So now that you know what to look for here are the top 10 places to choose from:


This is ideal if you are looking for a user friendly hosting and registration service.  Here are the top features of this service:

  • Lists all extensions for domain name creation
  • Prices for renewal, transfer and registration are clearly displayed
  • Checking availability is very easy and accomplished in a few simple clicks.
  • Phone, email and live chat support available even prior to purchase

Go Daddy

This company has improved its service to a fairly acceptable level than before and has a good customer base. Some important features include keyword help for domain name registration and hosting service and cheap domain registration packages.


This site offers some really great TLDs for businesses as well as individuals so you benefit from the added attention. Other important highlights include user friendly interface for hosting and other tools needed for a website in addition to domain names. They are ideal to shift multiple domains simultaneously.  The site is one of the best for domain names that are very much sought after.


This company deals exclusively with domains that are already owned by some other user.  The service has more than 3 million customers of which a majority belong to small businesses. The site offers auctions on daily and premium basis. Other offers they provide include

  • Private brokerage of various domains
  • Listings on selling and buying domain names


This is the best global service to sell, buy and park your domain names. The service has more than 18 million domain names and is a reputed company.  While it uses a third party registrar for registration services, the hosting and other services offered by Sedo are extensive and include domain auctions, domain brokerage, and domain escrow and domain appraisals.


If you are a very lean start-up looking for a cheap bargain, or have a single person operation, this site is ideal for you. It offers very cheap web hosting deals that begin at just $1.99/month with free domain registration for one year.  The service features classic search portal for domain name, and provides tutorial on new TLDs, which is very useful to decide on the TLD you want to choose.


This is a marketplace just like Sedo for selling and buying domain names. The important highlight of this service is the domain names are available at low prices with some even costing just a single dollar. The service also offers purchase of existing website as well as a Flippa mobile app, which are great for your online presence.


This is another cheap web hosting and domain service that offers an unbelievable 30 cents/month offer for website building, hosting and domain name for the first month. The price per month after the initial month is $10.99. The packages are priced well with add-ons like advertising and marketing credits, and offer perks to transfer domains and hosting to the service


This company has a long standing reputation and has a robust foundation in spite of heavy bandwidth. The user interface is powerful and allows full automatic control of domain names and keeps them secure from accidental renewal lapse. The competitive prices and reliable character make this company a good choice.


This company is a new one on the block offering free web hosting including domain buying and registration. The offerings of the company include numerous domain names with extensions, unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, web space, email accounts and more. The company offers automatic renewal and locking feature and other highlights include user friendly management of portal and good technical support.  The packages at $5.95 and$3.95 a month are domain inclusive and very cheap too.

Since your website’s future is determined to a large extent by your domain name, it is best to take it seriously and choose the right company to avail the services you need.