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How to register a domain name on internet

How to register a domain name on internet: 9 important tips

With a website of your own, it is easy to make your knowledge and authority known worldwide. To tap into the ginormous world of internet, become popular and make money, a website is the perfect way.

While you can make use of the websites that services like Word Press and Google Pages offer on the commercial domains, the best way to have a website is on a domain of your own.

It will be your own personal space where you have complete control on what you publish and how your website will look. The domain helps you to be visible easily. It can identify and translate your IP address making it easy to be known online.

To kickstart your professional or ecommerce website creation, the first step is to register a domain name on the internet. There are various options and vendors you can use to accomplish this process.

Here are important steps you have to complete. First and foremost step is, knowing about domain name and webhosting.

Domain name and webhosting:

Domain name is closely linked to web hosting and server. To register your domain name on internet, you have to select an appropriate webhosting that will enable your site to be visible.

Remember that your website cannot exist with the domain name alone. You need to have web hosting. There are many web hosting types available to choose from:

  • Shared: As the name implies you share the hosting service with several other websites.
  • Dedicated: This type of hosting gives you sole access to the server. This results in better memory and processing power. However you have to manage the web server and operating system.
  • Cloud: Your website does not exist on a single server but on multiple servers worldwide
  • Managed: This is an additional service offered for VPS or dedicated server.
  • Virtual Private Server: This is a type of dedicated server that is cheaper and easy to configure. You can have a server of your own but withfewer amounts of memory and processing power.

Of the above types, shared hosting is cheaper and preferred by many over dedicated or cloud hosting. If you expect your website to have plenty of traffic, it is best to opt for managed hosting.

Domain name selection

Now that you are clear about the webhosting, the next step is choosing a domain name. The domain name is very important as it will be your identity on the internet. You have to choose the name that suits your business or service and make it easy for everyone to access.

Here are important tips to help you choose the right domain name:

  • Choose a name that ranges from six to 15 characters. When the name exceeds 15, it will be difficult to pronounce, memorize and type.
  • Name should be selected based on the following criteria:
    • For individual websites, use the website creator’s name
    • For corporate websites, it is best to match the name with that of the brand or the company
    • For ecommerce sites, the store name or keywords related to the business should be chosen. Ensure the name does not go beyond three words.

Extension for your domain name

This is very important. You have to choose the extension based on the website goals. However, .com is the universally popular extension to use for both ecommerce and corporate websites.

Choose a unique domain name

To ensure your domain name is unique, you have to pick a name that does not have trademarks registered on it and is not available already on social media platforms. Having the samename across all social network platforms and domain is very important to build your brand. Your customers will be able to reach you easily online, if you make sure of this step.

SPF record for boosting marketing efforts

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is necessary, if you intend to focus on email marketing by sending free emails to your target audience or customers. This is a TXT type of record integral to the DNS zone document of the domain. You can hire a SPF record expert to take care of this task.

Choosing registrar for domain name

There are several options like register.com, domain.com, Enom, Namecheap or GoDaddy from which you can order your domain name.  If the domain name you have decided is not taken and is readily available, the process will be fast. It is best to have two or more domain names handy so the process is completed without any delay.

Domain expiry

Domains have very short expiry time of one to about 10 years.  So you should know about the expiry period.

Registration fees

Once you have chosen web hosting, domain name, the domains it should feature on and the time span you can use it for, the final step is to pay the fees for registration. This can be done via credit card, bank transfers or PayPal based on the concerned websites. When you have completed the payment, you will own the domain name.

Consider the legalities

Domain registration involves several legal aspects. For instance, the company from which you are buying the domain should have ICANN accreditation. Further there is specific legislation related to the various territorial domains that you should be aware of.

If you are using a domain name that is identical to the popular brands online, you may attract a law suit. And also make sure you are not violating the intellectual property rights of a person or company by searching trademarks or patents databases they have.

Once you have registered your domain name, you have to just specify where computers that search for your specific domain should be taken to. This is the IP address that hosts your website.  You can do this by updating the name servers of your site. If you have not yet chosen your hosting during registration, most of the registrars will provide hosting as part of the options while registering the domain. You can consider taking this option, as you need not worry about any other extra set up process.