10 tips for domain name selection

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain

You have got plenty of options to choose from when you are looking for a good domain name that can boost the visibility and profitability of your business. Since URL and domain name are crucial for your business to feature in the search results you need to focus more on making it powerful. It is the destination that helps visitors find out about your business.

So amidst the various options before you, you have to still follow the best practices to ensure optimal results. ICANN has recognized about 1,547 domains as TLDs (Top Level Domains). Although you have many options, here are 10 useful tips that will help you narrow down the choices and select the perfect fitting domain for your business.

Focus on Keywords

Before you start the process of approaching a reputed domain registrar for domain selection and registration do some research on the appropriate keywords you want for your business.

Choose four or five keywords that define what you intend to do and your business as a whole. Arrive at the best combo of the words. Use attention grabbing suffixes and prefixes to make your domain name stand out.

Create a unique domain name

Make sure your domain name represents your brand in a major way. Avoid choosing a domain name that is identical to some other well-known brand.

Also avoid misspelled names of common words. Flickr is one such example. The popular image site founders had to purchase another domain with the proper spelling and direct the traffic to the flickr site.

Opt for a suitable extension

The .net, .com, etc. that you find featured in the final part of a web address denote the extension in your domain name. You have to select an appropriate one that suits your business.

The advantage of .com extension is that most users are not aware about the newer extensions and in general all extensions other than .com do not carry the trust that it has.  This will definitely help establish your brand in the long term.

While the .com extension is a popular one, it can also pose a difficulty. You will find it pretty hard to choose a memorable and short name with this extension.

On the other hand, several of the newer generic TLDs provide you plenty of options. Here are some examples you will find useful:

.co: This is used for community, commerce and company

.net: Internet infrastructure, technical and other related sites

.info: This is used for informational sites

.biz: commercial or business sites especially ecommerce sites

.org: nonprofits and other organizations of non-commercial nature

.me: Resumes, personal sites and blogs

While you are choosing a domain name remember that it is not necessary to build an entire website for each domain you choose. You can forward the additional domains to the main website you own primarily.

Easy to write and remember

Choosing a hard to enter or difficult to remember URL is a definite recipe for disaster.  Avoid long urls or words that are hard to spell as users will find it very annoying.

Negative user experience can affect your website and business markedly. When you choose a memorable URL, users will find it easy to spread your brand. This will boost the marketing efforts considerably.

Go for short URL

Short URLs are easy to remember and type. They are also more visible on SERPs, fit better in your business card and also on other media offline.

Be interesting and intriguing

You have to set expectations soaring with your URL and at the same time meet the expectations of visitors when they view the URL initially. If they are not able to understand your business or your brand from your URL, it is going to be a big issue for you.

Buyhomesguide.com, Overstock.com, etc. are domains that inform you instantly on what to expect from them upfront.

While Amazon.com does not fall into this category, the name has plenty of branding and marketing behind it to make it popular. If you are just starting out, it is best to use easy to understand and interesting domain names relevant to your brand.

Brand building

If you have chosen a domain that requires branding and marketing you have to focus more on distinguishing the name.  While this may take some time to gain the traction that you need, if you do it correctly it can benefit you more eventually.

Target your location

If you own a local business, include the name of the state or city you are located in to the domain name. All your local customers will find it easy to access the site and also remember it. Denverautorepair.com is an example for this type of domain choice.

Don’t use hyphens or numbers

When you use hyphens or number these are highly confusing. For instance, if your website address has the numeral, ‘5’ in it, people hearing about the website will not be really sure about whether it is five or just 5  .

They can also forget the hyphen or other such additions. If you do need to add the numerals or hyphens make sure you register the domain with all the different variations.

Domain choosing tool

If all else fails, there is always the internet to come to your rescue. Use a tool for choosing the domain, so you can finish the process easily and effectively. Tools like NameMesh or DomainsBot are great domain selection tools.

Now that you know about our top 10 tips, you are sure to choose a dynamic domain name that ticks all the boxes. Instead of trying to keep up with the trends, try to create a far reaching visibility for your website. Since your domain is the core of your online business its location is very important. When you choose a domain that clearly indicates to the search engines and users about you and your brand, you will be able to establish a strong presence online. So don’t hurry the task of choosing a domain name. Take your time and use our tips to gain the full domain advantage.